Stainless Steel Finishing Services

Surface finish is an important aspect in any specification of stainless steel regardless of the intended use. For those applications where appearance is important, the surface finish is part of the design elements and must be specified.

In non-decorative applications, the surface finish may have implications for friction, wear, maintenance or corrosion resistance and must, therefore, also be carefully chosen and clearly specified.

Common stainless steel finishes

No. 1 Finish – A non reflective, rough, dull, non-uniform appearance. Usually used for industrial applications. Not normally used for decorative applications.

No. 2 Finish – Dull grey slightly reflective finish. This is the general-purpose finish that can be used as is, or a preliminary step to polishing. Typical uses for a standard 2B finish include non-decorative or functional sheet metal products, industrial refrigeration equipment, chemical plant and plumbing fixtures.

No. 4 Finish – Also called brushed, directional or satin finish. A number 4 finish is characterized by fine polishing grit lines that are uniform and directional in appearance. Widely used for restaurant and kitchen equipment, elevators doors, furniture, interior and exterior architectural applications where appearance is important to the design element.

Bright Annealed (BA) – It is shiny and reflective. Applications include ornamental handrails, furniture, interior and exterior architectural applications.

No. 8 Finish – Also known as mirror finish.  The most reflective surface of stainless steel available. Normally used for cosmetic applications.

At MMA Steel, we have experienced polishers to mechanically polish your stainless steel items to the type of finish you require.